The Roof Rat Bracket (patent pending) was created for standing seam metal roofers by a standing seam metal roofer. Jim Mitchell, a 49 year veteran in the metal roofing industry has installed millions of square feet of standing seam metal roof systems. He understands that sometimes you just need a place to put your foot.

Jim has been involved in every aspect of the metal roofing industry, from installing, sales, business owner, Technical Director for two major metal roof manufacturers offering engineered standing seam metal roof systems, installation details and weathertight warranties.

Jim is currently a consultant to the metal roofing industry. He also holds a patent on a standing seam metal roofing clip designed to expand, contract and articulate and is used throughout the industry. Jim is now pursuing his latest endeavor with The Roof Rat Bracket.

Behind the Roof Rat Name:
Many years ago while doing an project inspection, Jim was crawling into and out of places on a roof no one expected him to go. One of the contractors said “what are you some kind of ROOF RAT ?” and the name has stuck ever since.

WARNING: This is not a fall protection product as clearly stated on the product itself.