The Roof Rat Bracket (patent pending) easily attaches to the vertical leg of the standing seam metal roofing panel.

To use, press open the cam levers and place The Roof Rat Bracket over the seam of the panel. Release the levers and the bracket attaches itself to the seam of the panel. Pull down or step on the bracket and it will automatically tighten against the seam with no negative impact on the seam and or paint finish. Its just that simple!

Want to move it up the seam? Leave it in place and simply slide it up the roof panel. Putting pressure on the bracket will tighten back down after moving it.

To remove The Roof Rat Bracket, YOU MUST press levers to open cams and lift it off the seam.

PDF Instructions:

WARNING: This is not a fall protection product as clearly stated on the product itself.